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GW23 Review – big picture

GW23 was all a bit, m’eh. I joined the many in the community to jump aboard the Lingard bandwagon (1 point), at the expense of Son (12 points), so that wasn’t a great move in the short-term. Hazard produced another incredibly frustrating 1 point which confirms he will be leaving the building this week, and 4 of my defenders combined to give me 5 points.

Kane (c) came through, and Salah/Firmino/Jones continue to be consistent. Finished up on 60 points which isn’t tragic, a small red of about 50k to 364k overall.

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GW19 Review – finally some momentum

Well that was fun, eh? Always nice to have a high scoring week, even if everyone else is also scoring highly.

A captain success; midfielders and strikers that returned big; and plenty of bonus points led to a score of 88 (-4) and a GW rank of 306k. It’s my highest score of the season, although only the second best GW rank due to the high scores all round.

It gave me a decent green though and I moved up 276k places to 712k overall, my best rank of the season. That’s 450k places gained in the last two weeks, and with (currently) no injuries or suspensions, this is the best position my squad has been in and finally I have some momentum and confidence. As we all know though, that could change again very quickly!

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Boots are laced – GW13

A short week this time around, which I was quite glad of – I find the less thinking time I have the better sometimes! I was pretty negative after last weekend so getting back into it as soon as possible is a good thing. The hope, and all that…

For once there were only a couple of flags on my team this morning, but due to my newly-adopted freedom towards aggressive hits, those have both been sorted, and I actually have a flag-free team. That’s only because rotation-risk players aren’t flagged though!!

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GW12 Review – Frustrating times

I wasn’t particularly positive going into the week. I knew that my bench would be used, I didn’t have a strong feeling on the captaincy, and there were too many risks taking place.  As it turned out, not a lot went right and I spent the majority of the weekend frustrated with my team.

It started off with another Kane captaincy fail – the most annoying thing about that is in my captain article last week I actually said when I’m not sure maybe that’s the time to spread it about, but I didn’t listen to myself. Eriksen also failed, although there was a surprise clean sheet from Kolasinac, Aguero then didn’t play a minute, Jones as expected didn’t play, and Swansea continue to be rubbish.

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Boots are laced – GW12

I was thinking a couple of days ago that it’s been quite a nice international break for once. It was nice to switch off, not really worry about FPL, and refresh.

Well I’m glad I did refresh and recharge the batteries, because when I did look at my team it was a bloody minefield! More flags than an Olympics opening ceremony.

Jones – out. Atsu – out. Sterling – doubtful. Aguero – doubtful. RLC – doubtful. Plus Davies who is a constant rotation risk and Mbemba who is a non-playing third sub. It didn’t make for pleasant viewing!

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