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GW17 Review – one to forget

This was one of those weeks as a fantasy manager where you kinda wonder why you bother. When the research and planning wasn’t worth it, and the transfers have no effect.

The worst part came once the game updated, and I saw people in my mini leagues with huge scores thanks to captaining Jesus with De Gea VC, or having Okazaki come off the bench.

Then again, those were the same things that gave me hope. It’s just one week, and despite the score, I do have a good team. I just need to keep the faith with what I’m doing and be patient. But it’s tough at times like these.

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GW16 Review – Schoolboy error

So you would have seen my post on Saturday morning, boots are laced, where I had the captaincy on Kane, after switching it from Hazard.

I looked towards the end of the West Ham game, a little smug at my genius decision, only to find the (c) was still on Hazard. I refreshed. I closed and re-opened the app. I tried the browser. Nope, still on Hazard. ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH.

For the first time in my FPL career, I hadn’t hit save.

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Boots are laced – GW16

Crazy week at work means I’ve barely had time to look at FPL, so no time for the predictions this week. I will be updating this to include the last 8 fixtures for each team as well so that it has better context moving forward.

No transfers this week – the Moreno injury is frustrating after only bringing him in last week, but if I changed him to Femenia (the most likely option) I wouldn’t play him this GW anyway, so that change can wait, and I can absorb a price drop on Moreno if it came to that anyway.

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GW15 Review – Mixed emotions

Pretty confident going in to the game week, it all started off brilliantly – the early game saw Chelsea lose a clean sheet (bonus for someone with none of their defenders), Morata scores and gets bonus, and my captain Hazard picks up 15 points! What a start!

It was then a case of what could of been, though. Despite getting 38 from those two players, the rest of my squad could only manage 16 between them (and 5 of those were from Salah!) to give me a total of 54.

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