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GW17 Review – one to forget

This was one of those weeks as a fantasy manager where you kinda wonder why you bother. When the research and planning wasn’t worth it, and the transfers have no effect.

The worst part came once the game updated, and I saw people in my mini leagues with huge scores thanks to captaining Jesus with De Gea VC, or having Okazaki come off the bench.

Then again, those were the same things that gave me hope. It’s just one week, and despite the score, I do have a good team. I just need to keep the faith with what I’m doing and be patient. But it’s tough at times like these.

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Boots are laced – GW16

Crazy week at work means I’ve barely had time to look at FPL, so no time for the predictions this week. I will be updating this to include the last 8 fixtures for each team as well so that it has better context moving forward.

No transfers this week – the Moreno injury is frustrating after only bringing him in last week, but if I changed him to Femenia (the most likely option) I wouldn’t play him this GW anyway, so that change can wait, and I can absorb a price drop on Moreno if it came to that anyway.

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GW14 Review

Rotation, cameos, substitute points. The midweek games sent most of us on a roller coaster ride, eh?

I ended up with 52 (-4), which gave me some small greens across a few mini leagues, but basically kept my overall rank the same, with a minuscule drop of about 4k places. The good thing is that I’ve taken 12 points in hits over the last three weeks, and in that time my rank has risen 350k and the team is actually now close to where I want it.

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GW13 Review – unexpected green

I came to the end of this week feeling like it had been OK, but not amazing. I knew some players had performed, some hadn’t, and from a purely short-term view I made an error, but more of that later.

As it turned out, my 69 (-4) was enough for a GW rank of 43,481 (my highest BY FAR this season) and a green arrow which moved me up over 500k places! Have that, gameweek 13! It was quite enough to get out of the millions, but it was definitely an improvement!

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GW12 Review – Frustrating times

I wasn’t particularly positive going into the week. I knew that my bench would be used, I didn’t have a strong feeling on the captaincy, and there were too many risks taking place.  As it turned out, not a lot went right and I spent the majority of the weekend frustrated with my team.

It started off with another Kane captaincy fail – the most annoying thing about that is in my captain article last week I actually said when I’m not sure maybe that’s the time to spread it about, but I didn’t listen to myself. Eriksen also failed, although there was a surprise clean sheet from Kolasinac, Aguero then didn’t play a minute, Jones as expected didn’t play, and Swansea continue to be rubbish.

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GW11 Review – Patience is required

It was all just a bit, m’eh, really. I had little confidence (or enthusiasm) about gw11, and it turned out just like that. 43 points, 1 point below the average, and a small gain of approx 9k places, but nothing to be excited about.

As such, this week is all about being patient. I look at my team right now and I see far more problems than I’d like, but taking a step back and looking at it objectively is the necessary approach, otherwise I’ll be on a -8 in no time at all.

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Transfer thoughts – to hit, or not to hit

The free transfer has already been used this week, after I made the early move to switch Lukaku to Aguero. Yeah, there’s some doubts about Aguero after he played 120 minutes against Wolves… and they have Napoli coming up… and then Arsenal… blah de blah… but we’ll probably be doing this all season without actually ever working out Pep’s plans.

What I do know is that I want a fit and firing Aguero in my team. Sure he’ll get rotated, but that’s the risk you take. He was also rising in price the night I made the move, and it looked like Lukaku was dropping, which is a 0.2 swing I didn’t want to lose. Lukaku still hasn’t dropped yet, but I’m sure he will.

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