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GW25 Review – Groundhog day

Another disappointing week. Another average score. A green arrow of 8,000 places, roughly. It’s all becoming a bit dull, actually, and at the moment I feel I’m writing the same thing each week.

54 points was OK in a week where I don’t think anyone really exploded, but I’m just treading water. Feel like I’m just waiting for the blanks/doubles to come around, and what I really need to do is think about the next 4/5 weeks and how I want to play those.

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GW24 Review – Bad luck?

Well I did say in the boots are laced article that I felt uneasy about feeling positive, and so it proved!

56 (-4) this week, and a small red (only 16k places) to 380k overall. That’s still pretty disgusting though and the last two weeks have been very disappointing, which many would say are down to my own errors. Last week it was the sale of Son as he returned 12, and this week it was Hazard that I sold, and he came in with 16.

I’ll accept the Son move was a little premature, but as I said last week, that wasn’t just a move for Lingard but also a movement of funds to allow for greater strength across the squad. As for Hazard, what can you do? Chelsea have been awful for weeks, and he’d only scored one goal (a pen) in the last 8 gameweeks. I feel pretty hard done by, but it’s classic Hazard, really. At least his replacement -Mahrez – scored to soften the blow.

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GW23 Review – big picture

GW23 was all a bit, m’eh. I joined the many in the community to jump aboard the Lingard bandwagon (1 point), at the expense of Son (12 points), so that wasn’t a great move in the short-term. Hazard produced another incredibly frustrating 1 point which confirms he will be leaving the building this week, and 4 of my defenders combined to give me 5 points.

Kane (c) came through, and Salah/Firmino/Jones continue to be consistent. Finished up on 60 points which isn’t tragic, a small red of about 50k to 364k overall.

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GW22 Review – time for a break

Well, that was intense – 4 game weeks in 13 days is a LOT of games, and although I had a good few weeks (I gained over 680,000 places to sit just outside the top 300k) I think many FPL managers (me included) are now happy for a bit of a break before the next deadline to recharge the batteries before going again.

And we’ll need that energy. There are 16 game weeks left, and there are blank game weeks, double game weeks to come, and wildcards, free hits, bench boosts and triple captains to be used. We are now fast approaching the business end of the season.

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GW19 Review – finally some momentum

Well that was fun, eh? Always nice to have a high scoring week, even if everyone else is also scoring highly.

A captain success; midfielders and strikers that returned big; and plenty of bonus points led to a score of 88 (-4) and a GW rank of 306k. It’s my highest score of the season, although only the second best GW rank due to the high scores all round.

It gave me a decent green though and I moved up 276k places to 712k overall, my best rank of the season. That’s 450k places gained in the last two weeks, and with (currently) no injuries or suspensions, this is the best position my squad has been in and finally I have some momentum and confidence. As we all know though, that could change again very quickly!

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GW18 Review – More of the same

What with the quick turnaround last week, various travelling for work and xmas parties, I didn’t have time to do a Boots are laced article. Soz.

I feel like I’m kind of in the groundhog part of the season where a lot of the game weeks seem similar. I’m not really moving in rank, players take it in turns to perform, and it’s all just a bit frustrating.

64 this week, which is my best score in 6 weeks (that says enough, really), and a rise back into the top million (yay!).

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