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Predicted scores – GW25

I know this article has been missing for a few weeks. That’s not because I lost faith in it, more that I just haven’t had the time. Going forward I’ll be making this a weekly article again.

Anyway, back to it. For those that are new to this formula, the explanation behind the maths are here and here.

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Predicted scores – GW19

As I mentioned in the GW18 review, been crazy busy lately, so haven’t been able to get these done, but wanted to get this out for the GW19 games. I’ll try to do one for GW20 but not sure if it’ll be possible, being Christmas day and all that…

As I mentioned previously, the formula has been updated so it now only includes the previous 8 games for all clubs, rather than the entire season. This makes it more relevant and form-based, and removes any early season anomalies.

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Predicted scores – GW13/14

GW13 results

Score predictor wk13-R

5 correct results this week, with 1 correct score in the opening game. When we think as well that Palace got a last minute goal, that would have been another spot-on score.

Of the remaining 4 games, Watford showed their away metal again, Burnley winning was very unlikely, Spurs couldn’t get past WBA, and Southampton remembered how to score again.

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Predicted scores – GW12/13

GW12 results

Score predictor wk12-R

7 correct results for the model, with 3 of those being just one goal away from being perfect. It was also only one goal out (despite being wrong) on the Brighton game too. I feel like it’s getting closer now that the sample size is growing, but of course there are still imperfections where teams like Bournemouth and Palace had such terrible starts, and in the reverse case, where Huddersfield are now falling away, form wise.

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