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Boots are laced – GW25

So many real life transfers, and speculation of transfers. It’s all gone a bit crazy and that’s how my head has felt the last couple of days. Despite trying out quite a few options, even yesterday I still wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.

One side of me was saying “Sanchez is the ultimate differential, with your rank you should definitely get him in” and the other was saying “But he’s expensive, and I don’t want to drop Mahrez and Otamendi to get him”. Continue reading

Boots are laced – GW24

I’m going into GW24 with quite a lot of optimism, which is unlike me and a feeling that actually makes me a little uneasy!

Pretty much all my players have good fixtures, so despite taking a -4, I feel it could be a good week. I’m playing a 442 again which normally wouldn’t be my preference but more than happy with it this week.

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Boots are laced – GW21

On the back of two good weeks, it would be easy to get carried away, but with two more sets of games in the next few days there is likely to be plenty of rotation and changes in rank.

However, there are no changes I see this week that I think will benefit the team. I have no injuries in the squad and second guessing rotation is not a winning road, so instead I’ll save the FT for the (small) double in 22 and see what changes are necessary then. It could come in very handy.

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Boots are laced – GW19

I’m sure this will change once the inevitable rotation and injuries kick in over the coming days, but at the moment I’m actually quite excited about the coming game weeks. Or is just because it’s Christmas? Who knows.

My transfers changed a bit this week from my early thoughts. I was looking possibly at Zaha, and also KDB, but then Morata went and got himself suspended and I had a rethink. I thought about holding him as he’ll likely now play the two games in 20 and 21, but I didn’t really want £10.5m sat on the bench, and while Chelsea aren’t scoring loads it seemed a lot to have both him and Hazard.

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Boots are laced – GW16

Crazy week at work means I’ve barely had time to look at FPL, so no time for the predictions this week. I will be updating this to include the last 8 fixtures for each team as well so that it has better context moving forward.

No transfers this week – the Moreno injury is frustrating after only bringing him in last week, but if I changed him to Femenia (the most likely option) I wouldn’t play him this GW anyway, so that change can wait, and I can absorb a price drop on Moreno if it came to that anyway.

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