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Boots are laced – GW16

Crazy week at work means I’ve barely had time to look at FPL, so no time for the predictions this week. I will be updating this to include the last 8 fixtures for each team as well so that it has better context moving forward.

No transfers this week – the Moreno injury is frustrating after only bringing him in last week, but if I changed him to Femenia (the most likely option) I wouldn’t play him this GW anyway, so that change can wait, and I can absorb a price drop on Moreno if it came to that anyway.

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Boots are laced – GW14

I love a short turnaround week! Less thinking time, less drama with injuries and theories and rumours, more optimism as the next set of games are upon you before you know it.

As I mentioned in the GW13 review I stuck to my plan from last week, and in came Hazard and Morata, for Eriksen and Aguero. I won’t lie, I have high hopes for these two over the next few weeks, especially Hazard who somehow only has 7.1% ownership – that could prove handy if he scores well.

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Boots are laced – GW13

A short week this time around, which I was quite glad of – I find the less thinking time I have the better sometimes! I was pretty negative after last weekend so getting back into it as soon as possible is a good thing. The hope, and all that…

For once there were only a couple of flags on my team this morning, but due to my newly-adopted freedom towards aggressive hits, those have both been sorted, and I actually have a flag-free team. That’s only because rotation-risk players aren’t flagged though!!

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Boots are laced – GW12

I was thinking a couple of days ago that it’s been quite a nice international break for once. It was nice to switch off, not really worry about FPL, and refresh.

Well I’m glad I did refresh and recharge the batteries, because when I did look at my team it was a bloody minefield! More flags than an Olympics opening ceremony.

Jones – out. Atsu – out. Sterling – doubtful. Aguero – doubtful. RLC – doubtful. Plus Davies who is a constant rotation risk and Mbemba who is a non-playing third sub. It didn’t make for pleasant viewing!

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Boots are laced – GW11

Another week is upon us, and personally, it’s been one of those weird weeks where I haven’t really known what to do, and therefore I just, haven’t.

There’s been no injuries to worry about in my team, no price changes to force a decision. There’s two or three players I could change, but with Kane coming back to fitness the FT was used bringing him back in as planned for Lacazette, the one week punt proving to be a failure. Hindsight, and all that… Continue reading