GW26 Review – Rubbish

Not a lot to say really. It was shit.

No Jones, No Alonso, Kane (c) missed penalty. Without Salah it would have been a total disaster, and the fact that so many others also struggled this week was probably the only saving grace.


The irony that my change last week was Pogba, who I got in for “guaranteed starts”. I had to laugh when I saw the Utd team sheet.

Future plans

Realistically if I’m going to make anything at all of this season then the final 7/8 weeks really need to come together for me, and that means planning a bit more for GW31. I might end up using my free hit chip that week, but based on the fixtures available that week I’d like the option to hold it for 35.

This week there’s probably not anyone I want in desperately, mainly due to the fixtures, so I may just roll the transfer. However, I’ve had enough of Adrian and the terrible West Ham defence, so I may well move him on, with Fabianski the favourite to come back in, (again ironically after I got rid of him for Adrian). Another example of how bad this season has been.

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