Boots are laced – GW26

To Sanchez or not to Sanchez?

That has been the big question on most of the community lips this week. For me though, it was never really in doubt. Would I be getting him in?



I never felt comfortable at the thought of spending that much money on him, so while I fully acknowledge that decision could really come back to hurt me, I’m happy with my choice.

Mahrez became my dilemma this week – I wanted to keep him for those Leicester fixtures, but I can’t be carrying dead weight at this point in the season, so he had to go. I was then weighing up my initial favourite, Martial, versus one or two other options like Pogba, Silva, or maybe even Walcott.

In the end I went with Pogba. The guaranteed starts swung it for me, and after his awful performance against Spurs and being hauled off early, I’m hoping he comes roaring back with a big few performances.

That move freed up some cash, so I also upgraded DCL to Callum Wilson for a hit. I’m so happy to be rid of DCL who has been stinking up my bench the last couple of weeks.


Tough one. If I had of bought Martial in it would probably be on him. I considered Sterling and Salah, but in the end went with Kane. He’ll get chances at Anfield, and who would bet against him putting one or two of them away.

Best of luck, everyone!

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