GW25 Review – Groundhog day

Another disappointing week. Another average score. A green arrow of 8,000 places, roughly. It’s all becoming a bit dull, actually, and at the moment I feel I’m writing the same thing each week.

54 points was OK in a week where I don’t think anyone really exploded, but I’m just treading water. Feel like I’m just waiting for the blanks/doubles to come around, and what I really need to do is think about the next 4/5 weeks and how I want to play those.


Annoyingly, I chose to bench Jones this week and I went for Robertson instead. That worked out perfectly until the City/Mahrez non-transfer happened, and all of a sudden I had a -2 in my team!!

Robertson, Otamendi, Sterling, Salah and Firmino all returned, so not bad, but ownership wise that didn’t really help me that much, and realistically I didn’t expect too much from Kane or Lingard. West Ham conceded again – Adrian is possibly my worst pick of the whole season – he has been terrible!


I want to hear some news on Mahrez first. He has a great fixture at home to Swansea (despite their recent improvements), but if there’s a question mark over him I might make a move to Martial for the Huddersfield game.

Alternatively, Ayew or JRod could also come in for DCL – WBA have the better fixture and as is generally the way he could well score against his old club. Maybe I’ll make both moves just to spice it up.

The team is actually looking OK for GW26, except for a standout captain option. If I do bring in Martial though, it’ll probably go on him.

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