Boots are laced – GW25

So many real life transfers, and speculation of transfers. It’s all gone a bit crazy and that’s how my head has felt the last couple of days. Despite trying out quite a few options, even yesterday I still wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.

One side of me was saying “Sanchez is the ultimate differential, with your rank you should definitely get him in” and the other was saying “But he’s expensive, and I don’t want to drop Mahrez and Otamendi to get him”.


In the end I’ve left it open. I’m pretty sure I won’t get him – I’d rather get someone like Pogba/Martial/Silva who will still bring in the points, but doesn’t rip up my team. However, the option is still there if he looks incredible against Spurs and I really think he’s worth it.

So just one move made earlier today, bringing in Choupo-Moting for RLC. I was initially going to change RLC to Milivojevic, but I would’ve benched him anyway so didn’t like that, and fancied a Stoke attacker for their fixtures.

This way, if I need the cash for the above move, I can always move Lingard to Milo later on, and with Otamendi becoming a defender of 4.9/5.0, Mahrez the becomes Sanchez. Options are good.

Took a slight chance playing Robertson ahead of Jones, but can’t play them all, and I fancy Spurs to score. We’ll see I guess…


It’s on Salah, has been from the start. Without Aguero it’s a fairly straightforward decision I think.

Good luck everyone!

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