Predicted scores – GW25

I know this article has been missing for a few weeks. That’s not because I lost faith in it, more that I just haven’t had the time. Going forward I’ll be making this a weekly article again.

Anyway, back to it. For those that are new to this formula, the explanation behind the maths are here and here.

Here’s how the formula adds up and what the predicted scores look like for GW25, based on the last 8 games:

Score predictor wk25

There isn’t too much I disagree with here. There are two that stand out as being odd. Firstly Brighton scoring at Southampton – I’m not sure about that as Brighton don’t look like scoring ever again away from home. The other is Spurs-Man Utd, that could well be a draw, but I think it’ll be a low-scoring tight game rather than a goal fest.

Fantasy wise, the usual suspects of City, Chelsea and Liverpool attacking assets look great. No surprise there, and that’s where you’re likely to see most captain options.

Looking at defense, Arsenal, Chelsea, Burnley, City are all expected to see clean sheets, although personally I’d add Southampton and Stoke to that list. It’s a tough set of fixtures though and there are quite a few games that could go either way.

We’ll see later in the week how the scores work out.

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