Boots are laced – GW24

I’m going into GW24 with quite a lot of optimism, which is unlike me and a feeling that actually makes me a little uneasy!

Pretty much all my players have good fixtures, so despite taking a -4, I feel it could be a good week. I’m playing a 442 again which normally wouldn’t be my preference but more than happy with it this week.


The hit this week came from moving Masuaku & Hazard to Alonso & Mahrez. Really pleased with that move. As I’d previously said I did want to get De Bruyne in, but the more I thought about it getting Mahrez instead – also a great pick – gave me a huge amount of flexibility.

First of all I could sell Masuaku instead of Mee. West Ham’s fixtures are great but I have Adrian anyway and they’re not keeping many clean sheets at the moment. Plus I have a little bit of money tied up in Mee and after their next couple of games they have good fixtures too, and unlike WHU, I have faith in them keeping a few.

I’ve still got 1.3 ITB, which will be really useful when looking to upgrade RLC, DCL, or maybe even Lingard if he drops off. Flexibility is key, especially at this time of the season.


Lots of good options this week. I could have feasibly put it on any of Kane, Firmino, Salah, or Sterling. Sterling was actually the most tempting of the differential captain options, but I’m playing it safe with Kane – having already taking a hit now isn’t the time to be moving too far away from the middle.

Best of luck everyone!

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