GW22 Review – time for a break

Well, that was intense – 4 game weeks in 13 days is a LOT of games, and although I had a good few weeks (I gained over 680,000 places to sit just outside the top 300k) I think many FPL managers (me included) are now happy for a bit of a break before the next deadline to recharge the batteries before going again.

And we’ll need that energy. There are 16 game weeks left, and there are blank game weeks, double game weeks to come, and wildcards, free hits, bench boosts and triple captains to be used. We are now fast approaching the business end of the season.


I didn’t go too heavy on the DGW, because I genuinely wasn’t as excited about it as many people seemed to be. I figured there would be a fair bit of rotation, and 2 games in 3 games is tough on the players so how much could we really expect?

I did bring in two additional players, though, in Adrian and Son – the former didn’t produce much (although 6 points is still 6 points) but West Ham have good fixtures over the next few weeks so that wasn’t just a one-week transfer. Son however, who was a one-week move, produced the goods last night and came up with 12 points over the 2 games – more than happy with that. I’ll see how my team looks after the FA Cup games, but he may still be the one to make way.

Elsewhere, Hazard finally produced. Not sure it was worth the wait really, but I’ll take the points. I now need to decide whether Chelsea’s fixtures warrant holding him, or maybe he becomes de Bruyne. Sterling scored again, unbelievable really, and Jones chipped in with a clean sheet too.

57 overall, which with no hits or chips used I guess I’m happy with. It’s a rise of 60k this week, so I just need to continue to chip away at that overall rank. This is the time of the season where many less-focussed players will slip backwards, or their early use of chips will see them fall, so it’s about taking advantage of that and using my experience to climb up as high as possible.

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