Boots are laced – GW21

On the back of two good weeks, it would be easy to get carried away, but with two more sets of games in the next few days there is likely to be plenty of rotation and changes in rank.

However, there are no changes I see this week that I think will benefit the team. I have no injuries in the squad and second guessing rotation is not a winning road, so instead I’ll save the FT for the (small) double in 22 and see what changes are necessary then. It could come in very handy.


It’s always a risky game going in with just one playing sub, but I’ve no interest in removing Kane or Masuaku for another player who might not play. It’ll cost two transfers to get them back in for next week, and in the case of Kane would mean losing team value.


It was between Hazard and Salah, and I just have a feeling Hazard will deliver this week. He’s been playing great but not converting that in to FPL points, so hopefully today that changes.

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