GW20 Review – the charge continues

I missed all of the Boxing Day games as I was off having fun with the family, so it was a lovely discovery when I looked up the scores and FPL points that evening.

I totalled out on 93, which gave me a GW rank of 284k, and an overall rise of another 250k. That puts me at 463,097 – which is an improvement of 525,000 places from game week 18.

When your captain goes big it really does make a huge difference, as highlighted a few weeks ago when speaking of my captaincy woes. It’s definitely nice when they come through for you.

All round though, no complaints. Firmino has been amazing since coming in for Morata, Sterling and Salah’s unbelievable scoring runs continue, and this week’s transfer Robertson chipped in too.

Plans for GW21

Currently I’m looking at making no transfers. The team is looking OK, despite RLC being my only sub. Unless there are any injuries though I see no need to change anything, and having 2 FTs for 22 would be very handy.

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