GW19 Review – finally some momentum

Well that was fun, eh? Always nice to have a high scoring week, even if everyone else is also scoring highly.

A captain success; midfielders and strikers that returned big; and plenty of bonus points led to a score of 88 (-4) and a GW rank of 306k. It’s my highest score of the season, although only the second best GW rank due to the high scores all round.

It gave me a decent green though and I moved up 276k places to 712k overall, my best rank of the season. That’s 450k places gained in the last two weeks, and with (currently) no injuries or suspensions, this is the best position my squad has been in and finally I have some momentum and confidence. As we all know though, that could change again very quickly!


Captain Sterling did the business again, amazing how reliable he has become. Salah, Firmino, Otamendi and RLC all did well too, and the Kane hatty was the icing on the cake, particularly after many sold him.

Got the goalkeeper choice wrong, but in all honesty I was always playing Fabianski, so no issue there. Hazard was also frustrating, but now Morata is back I’m hoping for big returns in his next two games.

Transfer thoughts

Seems to change all the time – initially I was all set to do Richarlison to Silva, who now he’s back is the number one choice. BUT, I may not do it this week. I’m undecided.

The reason is I’m looking ahead to GW21 and with my current squad, I will have a starting 11 (rotation aside) and a bench of Kane (no game), Masuaku (no game), and Mbemba. That is not good enough, so I’m thinking that upgrading Mbemba is a bigger priority, to one of Robertson, Kenny, or possibly a Huddersfield defender like Schindler.

As I see it, there are four options:

  1. Make the Mbemba move and use the FT in GW21 for any other issues that arise.
  2. Make the Silva move for the plumb Newcastle game and if any other issues arise be prepared to spend 4 points fixing it.
  3. Make both transfers for a hit. Screw it!
  4. Save the FT and have two for GW21.

Genuinely split between 1 and 2. Will mull it over some more.

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