Boots are laced – GW19

I’m sure this will change once the inevitable rotation and injuries kick in over the coming days, but at the moment I’m actually quite excited about the coming game weeks. Or is just because it’s Christmas? Who knows.

My transfers changed a bit this week from my early thoughts. I was looking possibly at Zaha, and also KDB, but then Morata went and got himself suspended and I had a rethink. I thought about holding him as he’ll likely now play the two games in 20 and 21, but I didn’t really want £10.5m sat on the bench, and while Chelsea aren’t scoring loads it seemed a lot to have both him and Hazard.


So, out went Morata, and in came Firmino. I’m not 100% sold on Firmino, I must admit, but it’s a calculated risk with the money I now have in the bank. I also sold Kolasinac for Otamendi this week – Kola might well play against Liverpool, but 6.1m for a rotation-risk defender is not something I’m comfortable with. I’ve spent -4 this week, but at home to Bournemouth I’m pretty confident of Otamendi getting me those points straight back.

I now have 2.5m in the bank, which I’m not a big fan of, but here’s my reasoning for holding it. The players I’m looking at – and it’ll be to replace Richarlison – are Pogba, Silva or Sane. Pogba is only just back so while he’s been great so far this season I’d like to see him away to Leicester first. Silva isn’t back yet so I can’t move on him, and Sane is my third choice so I’m just waiting really, but if Pogba doesn’t look good and Silva is out for a while, I can still make that move.

At some point this season I will get rid of Mbemba, too!


Tough one this week, but at home to Bournemouth it had to be a City player, and as the top scorer in that team it seems daft not to put it on Sterling. I fancy Hazard to have a big game though, too.

Good luck, all!

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