GW18 Review – More of the same

What with the quick turnaround last week, various travelling for work and xmas parties, I didn’t have time to do a Boots are laced article. Soz.

I feel like I’m kind of in the groundhog part of the season where a lot of the game weeks seem similar. I’m not really moving in rank, players take it in turns to perform, and it’s all just a bit frustrating.

64 this week, which is my best score in 6 weeks (that says enough, really), and a rise back into the top million (yay!).


Last night was a nice end to the week, when Fabianski kindly palmed his saved penalty into Calvert-Lewin’s path. The two of them combined for 15 and turned my week from a very average one to a reasonably decent one.

Kolasinac being benched again was pretty annoying, but fortunately Masuaku (and West Ham) continue to perform and for once I got some nice bench points. I was less fortunate with RLC though, with Morata coming on for a pointless cameo. On the plus side, Morata looked pretty sharp, and at least now we know he’s actually back.

The usual suspects of Sterling and Salah delivered again, and Hazard’s fluky assist gave me a small captain return.

Early transfer thoughts

I really like the look of Zaha. He looked so sharp against Leicester and Hodgson has given him the freedom to do what he wants, it seems. I have RLC already, but that doesn’t stop Zaha being a good option, so not too bothered about that. With Palace going to Swansea next bringing him in for Richarlison is a possibility. The latter has good stats still but his wastefulness is starting to annoy me.

There’s also De Bruyne, who I can’t stop thinking about (!), he just looks electric. The problem of course is budget. I’m not getting rid of Hazard which means if I want KDB I would need to make some structural changes, which right now I’m not sure I’m set up for. One to think on.

If I don’t make the Zaha transfer this week I may hold it. Mbemba could be upgraded to Kenny for squad strength I guess. I still have one eye on Pickford but Fabianski is making himself hard to drop at the moment, and Everton’s fixtures aren’t that good, so I’ll likely wait.

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