GW17 Review – one to forget

This was one of those weeks as a fantasy manager where you kinda wonder why you bother. When the research and planning wasn’t worth it, and the transfers have no effect.

The worst part came once the game updated, and I saw people in my mini leagues with huge scores thanks to captaining Jesus with De Gea VC, or having Okazaki come off the bench.

Then again, those were the same things that gave me hope. It’s just one week, and despite the score, I do have a good team. I just need to keep the faith with what I’m doing and be patient. But it’s tough at times like these.


38 points. 10 players. Disgusting.

Mee was still injured, second game running the reports were that he was a strong possibility to play. I’ll take that one, but Kolasinac being benched and Morata’s last minute injury were just plain old bad luck. I maintain I was right not to take a hit to get Morata out though – those that bought in Lukaku or Firmino were unable to make up that hit.

On a brighter note, new signing Masuaku came in with an instant unexpected CS. Welcome to the squad.

Transfer plans

Ideally, Morata will be fine, firstly to save a transfer but also as I’ve no idea who I’d want to replace him with. Assuming he is, there are a few options:

  • Mbemba – Still stinking up the bench, he could be replaced by Kenny which doesn’t use a huge amount of the spare funds.
  • Daniels – if Mee looks OK, Daniels probably then becomes the first out of the door. Christensen, or possibly Jones now he’s back, being the main options.
  • Fabianski – I’d still like to move him on, with Pickford and Adrian the possible replacements. Or Pope.
  • In midfield there are less pressing concerns, but thinking ahead to the double I really like the look of Son. At the moment it would likely be for Richarlison, but one to monitor.

Do we need to talk about Kevin?

All season I, along with many others, have ignored Kevin De Bruyne. Many like me started with him and quickly got rid. But now he is delivering and consistently scoring FPL points. The last 7 weeks have seen 49 points. 7 points per week (and 6ppw across the season), even at 10.2, is pretty good value in my book.

Eden Hazard looks great in games, and is a constant threat, but those performances don’t always lead to FPL points. He has the higher explosive ceiling, IMO, but picking the weeks he goes big is hard.

I’m not about to jump straight away, especially with Chelsea’s fixtures, but moving to a player who provides a more secure source of points is certainly something to think about.

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