GW16 Review – Schoolboy error

So you would have seen my post on Saturday morning, boots are laced, where I had the captaincy on Kane, after switching it from Hazard.

I looked towards the end of the West Ham game, a little smug at my genius decision, only to find the (c) was still on Hazard. I refreshed. I closed and re-opened the app. I tried the browser. Nope, still on Hazard. ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH.

For the first time in my FPL career, I hadn’t hit save.


I lost 10 points from that mistake, so OK, not the end of the world, but when your team only scores 43, you kid of need those 10 points. Especially as every mini-league opponent seemed to captain Kane.

My risk of Mee playing also backfired, so I was left with 10 men. Oh well, the good news is, there’s another GW just around the corner, so little time to stew on it.

Transfer plans

Despite possibly only having 2 defenders, I’m sort of ignoring them. I’ve already made one change, with the highly-frustrating Callum Wilson gone for Calvert-Lewin.

That money frees up a GK change, as while Fabianski got the CS this week, I don’t want him moving forward, and certainly not away at The Etihad. It’s likely I’ll bring in Pickford for that slot – Big Sam will no doubt tighten up Everton’s backline, and their fixtures are pretty good as well.

Again, I think Mee will be fit, so that should be the 2 FT’s. I might also look to change Moreno out, but probably not. Daniels will just have to play at United – I’ll take that 1/2 pointer and move on, as taking a hit for a Watford defender just isn’t going to pay off.

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