Boots are laced – GW16

Crazy week at work means I’ve barely had time to look at FPL, so no time for the predictions this week. I will be updating this to include the last 8 fixtures for each team as well so that it has better context moving forward.

No transfers this week – the Moreno injury is frustrating after only bringing him in last week, but if I changed him to Femenia (the most likely option) I wouldn’t play him this GW anyway, so that change can wait, and I can absorb a price drop on Moreno if it came to that anyway.


Mee is a slight risk, but I think he’ll play, he’s too important to Burnley. Otherwise all looks OK, I think.


I’ve had it on Hazard all week, but changed this morning to Kane. Maybe I’m just a sucker for punishment I guess, but Spurs really need to win today, and after being fully rested in midweek, this might just be the game we’ve all been waiting for. Who knows.

Owning Hazard at the moment is enough of a differential, so I’ll keep faith with Harry one more time.

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