GW15 Review – Mixed emotions

Pretty confident going in to the game week, it all started off brilliantly – the early game saw Chelsea lose a clean sheet (bonus for someone with none of their defenders), Morata scores and gets bonus, and my captain Hazard picks up 15 points! What a start!

It was then a case of what could of been, though. Despite getting 38 from those two players, the rest of my squad could only manage 16 between them (and 5 of those were from Salah!) to give me a total of 54.


5x 1-pointers is pretty terrible, and so I looked at this week as a missed opportunity. However, when I looked last night at my overall rank (up 171k places and up to 864k – finally out of the millions!), and multiple green arrows across my mini leagues, I realised it was actually not bad, possibly even good.

Many seemed to struggle this week, doubtless due to not owning Hazard which made this an even better week to captain him – he went in to GW15 with only 10% ownership, and only 35% of those captained him. Just a shame about everyone else.

Transfer plans

I’m away for work for a couple of days, so not sure at the moment. I was looking at a GK change, but Wilson is becoming problematic, especially with Defoe back fit again. Looking back that really wasn’t a good transfer. I’d also like to squeeze Ramsey in but I’ve no idea how, so that’ll probably go on hold.

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