Predicted scores – GW14/15

GW14 results

Score predictor wk14-R

Tough week. 5 correct results, but just one that was a single goal away, although it was only one goal away for the Bournemouth game, too. Always unlikely to do well when there are 6 goals in one game, 5 in another, and Everton score 4!

GW15 predictions

Score predictor wk15

Only one clean sheet? Apparently so. I can’t see Newcastle scoring at Chelsea, and I’m not sure if Huddersfield will score again all season. Liverpool should win, but that game could well have goals in it so Salah owners should be thinking positively.

As always, City are expected to bang them in. I’m just not sure 4 is high enough vs this West Ham team.

Next week when I have more than 2 days between each game week, I’ll look to update the model to run the last 6/8 games only – I feel the early season form of Palace is hindering them unduly, and the same the other way with Huddersfield.

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