GW14 Review

Rotation, cameos, substitute points. The midweek games sent most of us on a roller coaster ride, eh?

I ended up with 52 (-4), which gave me some small greens across a few mini leagues, but basically kept my overall rank the same, with a minuscule drop of about 4k places. The good thing is that I’ve taken 12 points in hits over the last three weeks, and in that time my rank has risen 350k and the team is actually now close to where I want it.


Elliot not playing was a surprising upturn in fortunes, with Fabianski finally delivering some points, while Kolasinac continues to deliver with another assist and clean sheet. I know many are looking at Mustafi, but while Arsenal are playing well and he keeps pushing forward I’m more than happy with him.

Salah did what Salah does, he doesn’t need to start, and Sterling’s last minute goal was a nice end to the GW. Hazard of course was the major frustration – a 10 minute cameo was not what I was hoping for! I was actually surprised he didn’t come on earlier while Chelsea were struggling to break Swansea down.

Transfer plans

I was looking at changing a goalkeeper this week, but I think I’m OK playing Fabianski at Stoke, and Fernandez is probably a bigger concern. Not sure who to get in yet – possibly Moreno, maybe Femenia, maybe a Brighton defender. Not sure yet – need to do some research this afternoon!

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