GW13 Review – unexpected green

I came to the end of this week feeling like it had been OK, but not amazing. I knew some players had performed, some hadn’t, and from a purely short-term view I made an error, but more of that later.

As it turned out, my 69 (-4) was enough for a GW rank of 43,481 (my highest BY FAR this season) and a green arrow which moved me up over 500k places! Have that, gameweek 13! It was quite enough to get out of the millions, but it was definitely an improvement!


Finally, some captain points! Hurrah! Clean sheets from new boy Daniels and another from Kolasinac were nice, although Arsenal’s injury time penalty robbed me of another. There were further contributions from Sterling, Salah, Richarlison and Aguero too.

I got the wrong GK, and that would’ve made it a really nice week, but I never fancied Swansea to keep a CS and bought in Wilson for a hit to play against them, so no regrets there. These things happen.

However, the Wilson hit was costly in that it meant I benched RLC. Had I kept Abraham and played RLC, I’d have been 9 points better off, but again I’m not too concerned. If I hadn’t made that move, with Fernandez not in the Swansea squad I wouldn’t have had any subs, and sods law says that if that was the case, then Aguero probably wouldn’t have played! You can’t win them all, and it’s nice to have Wilson for Bournemouth’s strong fixtures.

Transfer plans

Well thanks to the incredibly short turnaround, and pending price changes, my moves have already been made. It’s another hit this week, although I’m hoping that’s the last one for a while.

Eriksen and Aguero have gone, and Hazard and Morata are in. Eriksen has been frustrating for a while, while Aguero is too much of a selection worry. If I had the funds I may have just got Hazard in, but I needed the money from the Morata switch for that. With Chelsea’s form and fixture combo though, I’m pretty excited to own them both.


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