Predicted scores – GW12/13

GW12 results

Score predictor wk12-R

7 correct results for the model, with 3 of those being just one goal away from being perfect. It was also only one goal out (despite being wrong) on the Brighton game too. I feel like it’s getting closer now that the sample size is growing, but of course there are still imperfections where teams like Bournemouth and Palace had such terrible starts, and in the reverse case, where Huddersfield are now falling away, form wise.

GW13 predictions

Score predictor wk13

Despite my above assertions, I’m actually less confident this week. No fewer than 6 scores are predicted, which I just can’t see happening. I can see Leicester, Watford and Bournemouth all picking up away wins, in particular. I also don’t think Huddersfield will score, although at 0.58 they only just made it over the threshold.

The Liverpool-Chelsea game is the intriguing one – Liverpool have a great home record but I can’t see them keeping a clean sheet, especially after their collapse in Seville, so Hazard and Morata owners shouldn’t be too worried.

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