Boots are laced – GW13

A short week this time around, which I was quite glad of – I find the less thinking time I have the better sometimes! I was pretty negative after last weekend so getting back into it as soon as possible is a good thing. The hope, and all that…

For once there were only a couple of flags on my team this morning, but due to my newly-adopted freedom towards aggressive hits, those have both been sorted, and I actually have a flag-free team. That’s only because rotation-risk players aren’t flagged though!!


As I mentioned in the GW12 review, I went ahead with the Jones to Daniels move. Bournemouth’s fixtures are great, Daniels offers plenty of attacking threat and bonus magnetism, and I was just a bit sick of always sweating on Jones’s health.

I was then considering whether or not to make the Aguero to Morata change, but was slightly reluctant to, despite thinking that Chelsea will do OK at Anfield from a fantasy perspective. I think because I’m bought into buying Hazard for GW14, it’d be good to see them play together again one more time before committing to having both. I know Aguero is unlikely to start tomorrow, but that’s a risk I’m aware of, and RLC is a decent first sub.

However there was another problem I had in Abraham. Clement said he was 50:50 for this weekend, and then he is ineligible for the game against Chelsea. That and his indifferent returns led me to look around, and low and behold, I could afford a switch to Callum Wilson, hat-trick hero from GW12. Yeah, there are doubts about his continued fitness recovery, and the competition with King, Defoe and Afobe, but on the back of last week’s performance I’ll take that chance. And with Swansea’s leaky defence up next, why not?

The best thing about that transfer though, even for a hit, is that it actually excited me. For the first time in a while I bought in a player I wanted, who I’m enthusiastic about owning. It might not work out, but sometimes it’s nice to remember this is a game.


This is where the headache began. I couldn’t put it on Kane again, could I?

*Looks around team*

  • Salah at home to Chelsea? Hmmm tricky.
  • Aguero? Huge risk of a cameo 1-pointer.
  • Wilson? Wow that would be maverick.
  • Eriksen? Actually surprisingly tempting…

In the end though I decided on Kane. I know we keep saying it, but he cannot keep on blanking against awful teams at Wembley.

Another 4 points it is, then.

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