GW12 Review – Frustrating times

I wasn’t particularly positive going into the week. I knew that my bench would be used, I didn’t have a strong feeling on the captaincy, and there were too many risks taking place.  As it turned out, not a lot went right and I spent the majority of the weekend frustrated with my team.

It started off with another Kane captaincy fail – the most annoying thing about that is in my captain article last week I actually said when I’m not sure maybe that’s the time to spread it about, but I didn’t listen to myself. Eriksen also failed, although there was a surprise clean sheet from Kolasinac, Aguero then didn’t play a minute, Jones as expected didn’t play, and Swansea continue to be rubbish.


54 (-4) gave a below par score, and another red arrow, albeit just 200k places. At this point that doesn’t really matter – what’s the difference between 1.3m and 1.5m?

As you can tell, it’s all a bit annoying – I feel like I’m spending too much time firefighting the many issues in the team, which is preventing me from making the actual changes I want to. The only bright note is that the hit I took actually paid off, with Mee and Richarlison delivering 14 points (Davies and Atsu would’ve given me 1).

Transfer strategy

In light of the above success, and with the team still having plenty of problems (Fabianski, Fernandez, Jones, Mbemba, Aguero, Abraham, possibly even Eriksen), I am looking at utilising hits as an aggressive way of getting this season back on track. At the weekend especially I was all over this idea!

Having had a bit of time to think I still like this idea, but in a practical manner. For example I could easily do Eriksen/Aguero to Hazard/Morata, which given Chelsea’s fixtures looks a great move, but this week when they travel to Anfield and Spurs have a home game against WBA? Probably not.

Identifying the biggest weaknesses points me to my defence:

  • Fabianski: A move to Begovic might work, or maybe I just join the Pope-wagon. There’s Speroni too, who also saves me an extra 0.5m that could come in handy.
  • Fernandez: Maybe shift to Moreno, or Duffy is another option.
  • Jones: Confirmed out for the weekend too, so I might just make the move to Daniels I was thinking of.
  • Kolasanic: He’s at an awkward price point, but Arsenal have improved lately, and I’m actually looking at maybe moving him to Azpi in time if the funds allow.
  • Mbemba: An issue with the upcoming fixture pile-up, but if I can fix some of the other problems, I think I can just leave him for now.

Elsewhere, Aguero is the big concern. 90 mins again last night in Europe means he’s a massive risk for the weekend game. I know I referenced the Liverpool game for Chelsea above, but it may just be that getting Morata in early is a better plan. Liverpool showed last night they can concede at any time, despite their strong home record.

Right now, I think Jones to Daniels is my favoured move, meaning I can bench Fernandez. I’ll then make a decision on Aguero closer to the time, but I won’t worry about taking the hit if need be.

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