Predicted scores – GW11/12

GW11 results

Score predictor wk11-R

An interesting week of scores – another couple of surprises with Bournemouth finally picking up a win, and away from home no less, and Everton pulling off a late comeback out of nowhere. On a positive note, the model had 6/20 individual team scores right, and was only one goal away from being spot on in 5 of the other games.

GW12 predictions

Score predictor wk12

In the short time I’ve been doing this model, this is for me the best looking week so far – there aren’t any games I look at and think it’s totally wrong. Perhaps that’s the growing sample size, or maybe it’s just a kind week of fixtures!

Goals are expected at the Emirates, in what is traditionally a high-scoring fixture, and City are expected to score another 3 at Leicester. Clean sheets are predicted for Burnley, Liverpool and Man Utd, none of which are a surprise with both Turf Moor and Old Trafford being fortresses, and Liverpool hosting a Southampton side who seem scared to go near the opposition goal.

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