GW11 Review – Patience is required

It was all just a bit, m’eh, really. I had little confidence (or enthusiasm) about gw11, and it turned out just like that. 43 points, 1 point below the average, and a small gain of approx 9k places, but nothing to be excited about.

As such, this week is all about being patient. I look at my team right now and I see far more problems than I’d like, but taking a step back and looking at it objectively is the necessary approach, otherwise I’ll be on a -8 in no time at all.


Salah was the hero, but given his ownership (particularly in my main mini-leagues) it wasn’t a huge gain. Aguero and Sterling were the only other two to deliver.

Improvements needed

I feel the team is in bad shape at the moment, but this is where objective thinking comes in – the players I picked previously haven’t all become bad options, so where are the weaknesses?

  1. Swansea have proved to be a team that can’t be trusted, and this weekend was the final straw for the two I have at the back. Fernandez might stay a bit longer, but Fabianski is heading towards the exit door soon – not only is he failing to keep clean sheets but he’s not getting save points either.
  2. Davies finally being rotated means he is probably top of the list, though, and will likely go this GW for a Burnley defender, freeing up funds to ditch another player who no longer warrants a place…
  3. Atsu. For the price I don’t expect much, yet he’s still come up short and with players like Richarlison and Zaha available, he’s not long for my squad. The problem with Zaha is already owning RLC – do I really want two Palace midfielders, even if one is an OOP striker?

So it’s not actually that bad, just needs sprucing up a bit.

As for strikers, it’s a tough one. Lukaku’s fixtures for the next two are great, and he’s back to his starting price, but City still look incredible so Aguero is needed, and do I dare drop Kane for the NLD, despite his latest failure with the armband? The good thing is he will be rested now he’s not playing the internationals, and it’s away against a team that will leave their penalty area. Might just hold onto him and see if Utd can remember how to attack when they play Newcastle.

So the likely move is Davies – Mee, and if I feel like it (and depending on prices changes), maybe Atsu to Richarlison/Zaha for a -4 as well.

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