Boots are laced – GW11

Another week is upon us, and personally, it’s been one of those weird weeks where I haven’t really known what to do, and therefore I just, haven’t.

There’s been no injuries to worry about in my team, no price changes to force a decision. There’s two or three players I could change, but with Kane coming back to fitness the FT was used bringing him back in as planned for Lacazette, the one week punt proving to be a failure. Hindsight, and all that…


There’s a big doubt over Davies starting, IMO, but I’ll take that chance with Arsenal playing away at City. There are also the ongoing obvious doubts over both Man City assets, but that’s a conundrum that not even the greatest Countdown contestant could work out.


Kane at home to Palace. Surely this is the time he delivers against a smaller team at Wembley. Spurs should be flying after their performance against Real Madrid, and I can’t see the Palace defence holding them.

I’ve been busy this week so haven’t really thought about this GW that much. But as I said I don’t really know what changes I want to make anyway, so saving myself a hit is probably the wise thing to do.

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