GW10 review – could have been worse

57 points (53 after the hit), and in general, green arrows across the board. But it didn’t feel like a green arrow week. I might have risen over 250,000 places, but I was still a bit disappointed. Maybe I should just be happy that it wasn’t the disaster it could have been.

Kind of feel like I’m treading water a bit at the moment and need a big week to give the season a bit of momentum again. Still, there’s no need to panic.


Aguero didn’t show up again, but fortunately Abraham came up with an assist from the bench to soften the blow. Kolasinac finally came in with a haul after weeks of nothing, repaying the faith I originally showed him, and Mr Reliable, Phil Jones, came in with another 9 points.

There were further smaller contributions from Loftus-Cheek, Salah and Sterling, but the Lacazette gamble certainly didn’t pay off. I didn’t lose out hugely, but in hindsight it wasn’t the greatest move. Still, can’t look at it like that, he could have scored a hat trick and I’d be laughing now.

Looking ahead

It all depends on Kane, really. My ideal move would be Lacazette straight back to Kane for the Palace game. If he doesn’t make it though, I’ll likely just play Lacazette at City and hope for the best. That being the case, I may well move on Kolasinac. I know, I know, he’s just scored big for me, but I want to free up funds for the midfield.

I could get rid of Davies, depending on the line-up for the Madrid game, but that’s risky before a nice home tie against Palace. At some point Rose is coming back into that team though.

Lots to think about, and unbelievably there’s another international break approaching. Seriously, how do they come around so fast?

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