Boots are laced – GW10

What a day! The FPL Gods clearly woke up in a shitty mood and decided to really have some fun with us. Well, they succeeded!

The is-he-injured-or-is-he-OK? Harry Kane saga came to its conclusion this morning, leading to thousands upon thousands of managers panicking about whether to keep him (how long will he be out for?) or whether to move him on (and who for?).


I took the plunge tonight, and bought in Lacazette for a hit, for a few reasons.

  1. I already have Mbemba as a non-playing sub, plus Sterling, Aguero and Davies who are big rotation risks. By keeping Kane I only had 1 playing sub in Fernandez.
  2. Lacazette gives me a genuine captain option. Aguero has already been mentioned as a risk, and I wasn’t comfortable putting it on Salah (especially with Coutinho out they could struggle to break down Huddersfield).
  3. Kane will hopefully be back for Palace next week, so it’s an easy straight swop back. If he’s not, I can either keep Lacazette for the City game (OK, not ideal), or look elsewhere. Either way it’s not the end of the world.

So, there are now two possible subs, although I’m hoping neither are needed. I have a good feeling that both Davies and Sterling will start, but I’m less confident on Aguero. We can only wait and see. Atsu ahead of Abraham was a close call, but let’s face it, they’ll probably both get 2!

This week could be utter carnage all round, but as usual, I live in hope.

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