Transfer thoughts – to hit, or not to hit

The free transfer has already been used this week, after I made the early move to switch Lukaku to Aguero. Yeah, there’s some doubts about Aguero after he played 120 minutes against Wolves… and they have Napoli coming up… and then Arsenal… blah de blah… but we’ll probably be doing this all season without actually ever working out Pep’s plans.

What I do know is that I want a fit and firing Aguero in my team. Sure he’ll get rotated, but that’s the risk you take. He was also rising in price the night I made the move, and it looked like Lukaku was dropping, which is a 0.2 swing I didn’t want to lose. Lukaku still hasn’t dropped yet, but I’m sure he will.


For some reason, and I can’t really explain why, I feel compelled to take a -4 this week. Should I, shouldn’t I? It’s almost like I thought of it on Sunday, and now it’s almost just ingrained, like it’s going to happen whether I think it’s a good idea or not. Funny how the brain works sometimes.

I will consider it properly before being totally rash, but here are some options IF I were to take a hit:

  1. The popular move: Davies -> Otamendi
    Davies is now a rotation risk with Rose back, so it’s probably time to take the money and run. City look good at the back, have great fixtures, and Otamendi is nailed.
  2. The midfield upgrade move: Davies -> Ward
    This give me 1.4m ITB, allowing an upgrade next week of Atsu to Richarlison. Alternatively I could lose Kolasinac, giving me scope for Zaha. I don’t want to lose an Arsenal defender before a home game against Swansea though, and Zaha is still a wait and see. Ramsey is another option but is out of range. I might even make Ward Moreno in this scenario, just cos he’s fun to own.
  3. The risky move: Davies -> Monreal
    Kolasinac isn’t doing it for me – Sanchez just hogs anything that is on the left hand side of Arsenal’s play, but I’d like an Arsenal defender still. This option gives me a double up against Swansea (potentially profitable), with Kola then moving on next week. It’s a move I’m unlikely to make, though. It forces my transfer next week, relies on a double CS this week, and while their form has improved, Arsenal’s fixtures aren’t that great, so I think there’s better value elsewhere.

Sanchez is of interest, especially as he’s still a differential, but that would take a lot of re-structuring, and with two tough games after this weekend, that’s definitely on the back burner. Hazard is probably a more likely option, and is much easier to get in.

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