Predicted scores – GW9/10

Score predictor wk9-R

Another week where the model struggled, but faith will not be lost this quickly! Brighton winning 3-0 away? Huddersfield beating Utd? Bournemouth winning away? 7 goals at Goodison? Tough ask for any model to call those scores.

It correctly called Watford to score twice at Stamford Bridge, although if Richarlison could hit the target from within the 6 yard box it would have been a few more. It also called the Tottenham win, although again, could not account for just how bad that defence is.

GW10 predictions

Score predictor wk10

Interesting that it has Utd-Tottenham as 2-2, but Utd’s early season maulings of West Ham, Palace and Everton are still taking effect. Watford’s good form is also betrayed by their home defensive record. I can’t personally see Stoke scoring twice but you never know.

Fantasy wise, it’s not predicting a huge amount of goals, even for City, although the Hawthorns is never an easy place to go. I’d also think that Arsenal have the potential to score more than twice against Swansea. Liverpool however, could well struggle against Huddersfield – unlike many I don’t think I’ll be trusting Salah with the armband.

Only three CS’s are predicted, so it might be another tough week for defenders, unless attacking returns are in play.

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