GW9 Review – You have to laugh

You have to laugh, don’t you?

What else is there to do when you change your mind and pick the wrong GK, losing out on 5 pts? Or when the player you bought in – the most transferred in player of the week – doesn’t get a single minute? And let’s not forget that the auto-sub coming in to replace him, Fernandez, scored -1! That’s without the defender you didn’t want to take a hit for to get in, who scored 15.

Yep, you just have to laugh.


44 points, 6 below average, and a drop of around 300k, back to 1.6m.

It could have been worse, of course. Kane did excellently and I didn’t really consider captaining him so I don’t feel bad about that. Salah contributed again, which was nice given lots were selling last week. Why I’ll never know. Those shiny new City mids I guess, but let’s not dwell on them.

Lukaku at least delivered something as captain, and may get another week purely because I have so many issues at the back. That’s not guaranteed though.

Early transfer thoughts

Davies is an issue. Benched again yesterday, and Rose is back too. At his price I’ll be looking to switch to Otamendi (a week late, I know…) as City’s fixtures are good for ages. Jones and his injuries are also a concern but hoping he’ll be fine. Lukaku to Aguero is also a strong possibility – Kun looked sharp on Saturday, and it’s probably worth a hit for that.

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