Boots are laced – GW9

With another Friday afternoon deadline again, the weeks are coming quick and fast and another GW is upon us already! Fortunately a short week has meant no injuries, although that didn’t stop me spending many an hour pondering how to use my 2 free transfers, and who to use them on.


I considered using 3 for a -4, but in the end that didn’t seem the right decision (I was looking at Kolasinac to Otamendi, but with Arsenal home to Swansea next week, it would have taken a while to repay that hit), so in the end, Sterling and Abraham came in, with Brady and Vardy making way.

Vardy out was the tough decision, as it also meant a change of balance in the budget split of my team, but getting in Sterling was pretty important and as I previously stated, I didn’t want to lose either of my other two premium mids. If Lukaku wasn’t playing Huddersfield this week, he probably would’ve gone, but as it is he gets one more week. Looks like both my transfers in will rise in price tonight too, which is always nice.

Couple of slight benching headaches in goal and in defence – Swansea could easily keep a CS, so putting Fabianski and Fernandez on the bench is maybe an error, and I might still change my mind on the GK slot before the deadline. The other three defenders could get CS/attacking returns though, so I’ll just think of it as it’s nice to have a strong squad.


Tough one – I don’t expect Utd to score loads, but Huddersfield are getting worse each week it seems, so happy to trust Lukaku with the armband. Liverpool is a tough match for Kane, although one he may excel in with the extra space they’ll probably allow him. Sterling was also an option, but I think Burnley will be a lot tougher for City to break down.

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