GW8 Review – the City view is scary

Another FPL week, another massive Man City win. It’s becoming the norm, eh? The problem is when, like me, you don’t have any of their bloody players! They won again last night in the CL too, so the key has to be getting in some of their assets for GW9.

50 points this week, which was… alright. 9 points above the average and an OR gain of another 300k (now 1.3m), so I really can’t complain too much given the absence of any City players.


Defence again did well, 3 clean sheets and two more bonus points. Some would say the Jones points off the bench for Davies were lucky, but given Spurs kept a CS too, it was much of a muchness. Eriksen produced again with another double digit haul – unbelievable that people are talking about dropping him – he’s been incredible this season.

I mentioned prior to the GW that I was becoming slightly frustrated with Brady and Atsu, and the latter obviously listened, popping up with an assist. Brady is now looking first in line for the chop after another failure at home.

Another captain fail. Bleurgh. I was at Wembley and it was pretty frustrating. Bournemouth sat back, didn’t allow any spaces, and Spurs struggled for large parts of the game. Having said that, Kane had a goal (rightfully) disallowed for offside, and Begovic made 2/3 more saves from him, so it could have been different.

That probably still wasn’t as frustrating as watching Vardy in the Lei-WBA game though. Awful game.

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