Transfer plans – GW8

Another dull international break is almost over. England did what England do, and it was left to the Irish to provide any sort of reasonable excitement against the Welsh.

Barring any injuries in the games tonight or later in the week during training (or on a car journey), we now have a pretty good picture of availability for GW8, so can take a look at possible moves.


Jones and Atsu are both flagged, but I think they’ll actually both be fine by the sound of the reports. I currently have Jones on the bench which is maybe a risk – Mourinho might well park the bus – but I can’t see Liverpool not scoring, and I think Fernandez has a better CS opportunity at home to Huddersfield anyway.


My early thoughts on transfers after GW7 were possibly Fellaini for one of the cheap mids, but he is now injured. Then later on in the week I considered Jesus for Lukaku based on the latter’s injury (and to take advantage of City’s form & fixture combo), but Lukaku now seems fine to play tonight, and Jesus will only fly back sometime on Wednesday after Brazil’s game against Chile, so there has to be a risk that his minutes might be managed.

The other option is to bring in one of the City midfielders. Silva would probably be my preference, although Sterling is probably more explosive and is 0.6 cheaper. However, I don’t really have a way of getting one of these without either a) dropping one of Eriksen or Salah, which I’m not going to do, or b) finding 2.4m to upgrade Brady for a -4, for which there isn’t really a financial option, and not something I’m too keen on anyway.

So at this point I’m thinking of just rolling the transfer. It means watching the City game in fear, but I’m happy to wait another week and then make a (hopefully) more informed decision when there should be more information available on Morata and Aguero. Additionally if I do want to have a slight restructure next week, making 3 changes for a -4 always feels better than 2!

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