GW7 Review – Progress at last

Well, after all the Friday panic about injuries and question marks over whether I was going to field a full 11, gameweek 7 was a good one, better actually rank wise than I thought it was going to be. Despite getting the captaincy wrong (I blame Aguero’s taxi driver for forcing me into a transfer!) and a fair few failures, I managed a score of 68, 17 above the average, and a OR rise of almost 700,000 places!

I was not expecting that after taking the armband off Kane and watching him light up the John Smith stadium, but none of the other big guns up top did much, and while a couple of the midfielders scored big, none were particularly highly owned. Either way, I now sit at 1.6m after being outside 3m two weeks ago. There’s still a long way to go, but progress is being made.


Kane aside, Lukaku delivered his now seemingly standard one goal for at least some returns, while Jones and Kolasinac contributed another 6 points apiece. But the real star was Ben Davies (not “Bavies”) – what a hero, coming home with 16 points. He’s fast becoming the best defender to own in the game, IMO, and to think I almost ditched him on my wildcard.

Fabianski lost his clean sheet in the last minute, and if Salah could finish he would have contributed again. There is a slight temptation to move him across for Coutinho, but only slight, he’s doing just fine for now and is Coutinho really going to keep scoring long-range bullets?

The only slight worry I have is that Kolasinac’s attacking threat seems to have really slowed. I don’t think Sanchez helps, hogging the ball on the left and apparently refusing to pass to him, or maybe it’s just two games against stubborn opposition. No real panic with 12 points in two games, but frustrating seeing Monreal outscore him again with attacking and bonus points. One to monitor.

Transfer plans

It’s another long international break now (sigh), so will keep an eye on what’s going on with price rises/falls, but I don’t have any major problems at the moment. The one player I’m looking at right now (and I never thought I’d say this) is Fellaini. With a 4.9 price tag and seemingly nailed in that Utd team, he could be a low risk replacement for either Brady/Atsu, neither of whom are doing an awful lot.

There’s no rush though, I have the cash if I want to do that later on, and as with last week we all know that injuries can hit at any point, so no early moves should be necessary.

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