Boots are laced – GW7

For the majority of the week, it was smooth sailing. The FT was to be saved, giving me two for the International break. Easy peasy.

Then, out of nowhere, Aguero has a car crash, Vardy’s not trained due to a wrist injury, Phil Jones is flagged, and Loftus-Cheek is out for a couple of weeks! Flags everywhere! Panic!


To save buying a bigger sofa to hide behind, Lukaku comes in for Aguero – a fairly straightforward choice. I considered Lacazette, but with Morata and Jesus competing against one another, I thought getting Lukaku for the Palace game then allows me to see the others play before deciding who I really want for the next few weeks. It also helped that he was rising last night while Aguero dropped.

It appears that Vardy will be OK, after training on Thursday, although he might not play the full 90. Just have to keep the fingers crossed on that one. Then there is Jones, with the most Jones-like ever move, getting injured before what looks like the most straightforward clean sheet of the season.

After confirming yesterday that Jones was out, Ben Dinnery has been teasing us all this morning with this update:

Update: Phil Jones, Antonio Valencia and Marouane Fellaini were all spotted at the Team Hotel on Friday suggesting the trio will be involved. 

So we’ll see… I’m expecting him to miss out and for Fernandez to come in, though.


It was on Kane, but once I bought Lukaku in I switched it. I like them both, so will go with home fixture.

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