GW6 Review

A good week! An actual good week! I mean it wasn’t crazy-good. It wasn’t spectacular. But after the first 5 weeks of frustration, it was very pleasing. 76 points (16 above the average), green arrows in all my mini-leagues, and an overall rise of almost 682,000 places. I know… when you’re that low down to start with making up ground is easy, but hey, it still happened!


Aguero captaincy worked well, although he left it late, the big tease, and Kane’s points were very satisfying having kept the faith with him again when many were selling. There were a steady stream of points from both old (Eriksen, Salah) and new (Jones, Kolasinac), although I felt pretty hard done by with Vardy – could have been so much more – although he really does need to mix up his penalties now and then (it’s a big goal, Jamie, maybe pick another spot).

The two sales I was worried about didn’t score big either – Lukaku scored but provided the least amount of points of the big strikers that played, and Mkhitaryan did nothing. The only slight downside is that my Davies or Otamendi decision cost me a few points, but can’t win them all.

I’ve also managed to make some money this week – 0.5 on team value which isn’t to be sniffed at. All in all, the team is in a MUCH better place now, and hopefully the green arrows will continue to come.

Thinking about next week

I’m not sure the team actually needs any changes. The beauty of the wildcard is that you plan for a few weeks. The only question mark is around Lukaku and that Palace fixture.

I’d thought last week about maybe doing a striker hokey-cokey, but Kane looks great away from home, despite Huddersfield being fairly tight at the back up until now, and while Aguero plays Chelsea, his record against them is good, and I’ve made 0.3 on him which I’d rather not just throw away. So at the moment, I’m thinking I’ll take my chances on Hodgson doing something (anything!) to tighten up that back line. It’ll be watch-from-behind-the-sofa game though if I do go without.

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