Transfer plans – wildcard active!

I do love having a wildcard active. We all do, right?

I drafted a team on Saturday night after hitting the button, and actually my tinkering so far hasn’t led to many changes, although there are still lots of decisions to be made.

Current WC squad (0.4 ITB)


I’ll see what the City line-up is tonight for the EFL cup, and hoping that Aguero is not included. If he is, there’s a chance of a switch to Jesus, but really, I want Kun.

I’ve switched Naughton to Fernandez based on baseline BPS stats, and I think I’ve decided to remove Davies for a City defender.

The other changes that are still up in the air are:

  1. Vardy or Firmino – quite settled on the former at the moment.
  2. Atsu or Ritchie – I’d like to be able to afford Ritchie, but can’t really see it happening. More than happy with Atsu in any case.
  3. Kolasanic, Monreal, Mendy, Otamendi – I’ll likely have two of these (unless I stick with Davies). I can’t squeeze in both Mendy and Kolasanic, and of the two I probably prefer Kola. Arsenal’s fixtures are great, he seems nailed on, and he looks like a beast. Mendy also looks great but there’s always Danilo sniffing around for game time. Then again, when Kompany is back Otamendi could be under threat too I guess.

The alternative option for is to go for the cheaper two (Otamendi and Monreal) and then get Ritchie, but I don’t really want to do that.

Hoping that Utd look poor at Southampton and Lukuka doesn’t burn me. If he does well/looks good, I might well bring him back in for the Palace home game in GW7, but again that’ll depend on how my two big strikers fare this weekend.

So that’s where I’m at – barring injuries I’m *almost* there. Probably two key decisions to make, although I won’t sweat them too much – can always use the FTs to switch things in the coming weeks.

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