GW5 Review

This game can be so bloody frustrating sometimes. Another week of mediocrity, and after 5 in a row, you do start to wonder if you are just being unlucky, or if you’re just doing it wrong?

Points from Lukaku and Mkhi on Sunday afternoon made the score look reasonable, but given their ownership, it was irrelevant really. The damage was done on Saturday with Kane somehow not scoring, again, and the failure of Ben Davies to even show up. The misery was then compounded by Naughton being third on my bench (as I expected a hammering), and not even getting his 6 points.



Time for reflection

I look back at who I’ve sold who have come good – Jesus (admittedly sold for Lukaku), Walker, De Bruyne, and now this week Bertrand, and you wonder what the hell you’re playing at. But each of those moves were considered and the players bought in haven’t all flopped, so of course there’s the luck element. But with a rank outside of the 3m, it’s been the roughest of rough starts, and things need to change, and change soon.

It’s wildcard time.


I made the move on Saturday – furious enough with my squad to do it, but rational enough to know it was the right thing to do. Lukaku went for Aguero, which many will see as ridiculous after another 12 point haul yesterday, but I watched the game and he was terrible. Yes, this game is about points and not performance, but his assist followed a mistake by Williams, and then Everton fell apart. I’m sticking with Kane, and with Aguero back and City firing on all cylinders, there’s no room for big Rom at the moment.

Suttner, Dann, Phillips and Mounie will all go too. I’m sick of all of them. I’ll likely be putting more money into defence and scaling down the midfield – the problem there is that Mkhitaryan will probably need to go, which is hard after 4 returns in 5 games, but it’s him or Salah, as Eriksen is going nowhere. It might depend on the forwards – I’m favouring Vardy over Firmino at the moment, so I want Salah for that Liverpool attack.

Lots still to consider, but I feel better already that the old squad is being dismantled.

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