Boots are laced – GW5

A short week that contained no injuries means it’s a (reasonably) easy team selection for GW5. Red-hot top-point-scorer Ben Davies enters the fray with high expectations of further returns – surely Swansea at Wembley can’t halt his progress. Can they?!


The only decision that needed some thought was whether to play Mee or Suttner. Both have difficult away games, and I doubt either will keep a clean sheet, but looking at their head-to-head stats the goal threat from Ben Mee wins that battle.

Suttner gets forward a lot more in general play and has a lot more touches in the opposition half, but Mee is ahead when it come to goal attempts, shots on target, and minutes per attempt where he’s registering a chance four times as often. At some point he’ll notch a goal, and with Liverpool’s shaky defence, why not this week?



Little needs to be said really – four goals in two games, stats through the roof, home to Swansea.

What could go wrong? 😐

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