Transfer plans feat. midweek injuries

I hate to bang my own drum, but… actually, no, I don’t. Yet again we’ve seen a whole raft of early transfers come back to bite FPL managers in the ass. Paul Pogba still has net transfers in this week of over 81,000. Granted, many of those are probably part of the 467,000+ managers to ditch Sadio Mane already, but that is a whole heap of transfers that are now a problem.

I know there are price gains to be made (or in Mane’s case to avoid the drop), but surely when there is a complete Champions League fixture list midweek, just wait and see. That 0.1 really isn’t that important if it means you’re spending 4 points to fix it again when an injury happens.

Transfer plans

The good thing about a gameweek ending with a Monday night game and the next starting with a Friday night game is that the week flies by. This can be problematic if you’re unsure of the move(s) you want to make, but can be beneficial when you’re fairly sure you know what you want to do.

Despite mentioning I may possibly look at a hit to get rid of Scott Dann this week, I decided pretty quickly afterwards that wasn’t worth it. I have a feeling this could be Dann’s week – a new manager to impress, a Saints team visiting that look toothless. It could just be great.

So Davies will come in, with Bertrand making way. Southampton’s next three games are pal-MUN-sto and I don’t fancy he’ll get much from any of those. If he/they do look good between now and when I wildcard (planned for week 8), I can always bring him or maybe Cedric back in.

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