GW4 Review

Finally, a green arrow! OK, it’s a really small one (35,253), and I still have an utterly horrendous rank, but it’s still green.

50 (-4) put me just above the average with a GW rank of 1.6m, so it wasn’t a good week, but with the hit, and so much continued uncertainty, it’s OK for now.


One thing I will beat the drum about throughout the entire season is that patience is a virtue. Looking back at my weekly scores/ranks from last season, at this point I had about 30 points more (which puts my GW1 fiasco into context), and was about 700k. Yeah that’s much better than my current rank, but I was also still outside the top 100k after 21 weeks and managed a sub 8k final finish.


Eriksen continues to produce which is great, and Mee finally got a clean sheet. Swansea were very disappointing, but Naughton looked OK I thought, so not unhappy with that transfer, although it was typical that Walker came in with 9 points just after I ditched him. Win some lose some, eh.

Mkhitaryan also looked good again and on another day could’ve had two more assists if Pogba could head properly and Lukaku could finish first time.


The one thing I’m slightly gutted about was not taking a chance on one of the Tottenham players this week with the armband. I considered it, but went for safety in the end. Lukaku scored so it didn’t fail, but a bit more belief and it would have been a much better week.

WBA looked very poor at the back, and Salah being sacrificed at HT wasn’t ideal, but neither are huge concerns right now.

Transfer plans

Still early in the week, and with Champions League games I won’t be making any early moves. Ben Davies looks too hot not to own right now, so he’s top of the list. Annoyingly I can’t afford a straight swop from Dann, so maybe Bertrand is the one to go and Dann gets one last hurrah at home to Southampton – you never know maybe if Hodgson is confirmed Palace will put on an ‘impress the new manager’ performance.

I could also take another hit and remove Dann along with Matt Phillips who has been very disappointing, but don’t think that’s necessary really at this point.

Mounie is also becoming a problem, but then again I’ve had him and Kane since the start, and both have scored twice, so how unhappy can I be?! He might even make it to week I wildcard… probably not though.

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