Boots are laced – GW4

International breaks always seem to go on for ages, but wow, this one really took the piss, didn’t it? Two weeks that seemed to last a month, endless flirting with price rises to little avail, and a deadline day that flattered to deceive. It’s just nice to have it all over with, really!

I went ahead with the two changes I’d previously decided on, so Walker & Ward-Prowse are gone, and Naughton & Salah come in for a -4. I don’t mind that hit – it’s two players I wanted in for the long-term for one player I feel I made a bad choice on, and another who has stunk up the team since day 1. Sure I don’t need to explain which is which!


Despite the slow price changes mentioned above, my team’s value has taken a bit of a beating this week with a couple of drops – Dann took a fall as expected, although as I’ve previously mentioned I was prepared to stomach that drop – it just cements his position at the front of the queue for the door labelled ‘OUT’.

Suttner could easily have played, but the back 3 I’ve picked all have good home fixtures – Bertrand and Naughton are both playing wing-back and getting forward, and I have a good feeling about Mee getting on the end of one of the many Brady set pieces.


It’s on Lukaku, which many will say is the safe choice, and honestly, I’m not exactly excited by it. But really there aren’t a whole lot of decent choices. Eriksen or Salah would be fun choices, but they both have tough games, and Big Rom could easily do quite well, so let’s go with it.

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