GW3 Review

Well this was certainly not third time lucky, as another disastrous gameweek continues my plummet down the rankings.

36 points, against an average of 43, saw a drop of 234,000 (ish) and confirms my worst start in many, many years.


Suttner, Bertrand and Mkhitaryan were the only players to provide any points, with Kane probably the biggest and among many disappointment.


The only slight positive was that I held back on last week’s proposed -8 move which would have meant Britos (-2) coming in, and playing ahead of Suttner (7). So despite the other proposed transfer Salah scoring 11, overall those moves would have cost me a further 9 points. Now 36 is bad, but 27 would have been tragic.

Plan for the International break

There are problems to fix (Dann and JWP specifically, plus doubts around Walker, Phillips, Mounie and Kane) so my initial thoughts were to wildcard during the two week hiatus. However a look at the stats show that Mounie’s are very comparable, and Huddersfield’s fixtures are still great. Phillips I’ll change at some point, but there’s no rush there, and I’m sticking with Kane and trusting him to come good.

Furthermore, when considering who I would change these players to, I wasn’t really sure. It confirmed to me there’s just not enough information yet, and so yet again patience is required. When you’re sat with an overall ranking of 2.9m+ that’s not easy, but I’m trying to think about the bigger picture and I still believe this to be manageable, with the second international break after week 7 being a better time to hit the button.


  • There will be double the amount of gameweek information available to us.
  • The fixtures will have changed for a lot of teams.
  • Players such as Hazard will be back, while the fate of others such as Coutinho and Sanchez will be confirmed.
  • It’s a long time until another wildcard. Week 19 at the earliest, but realistically, planning around the DGWs means you’re looking at GW30 or so, therefore the later I can leave it the better.

Blog plans

I’m going to try and post at a stats-based article later this week, and next week I’ll look at the moves I’m going to make – ideally once the majority, if not all, of the International games have been played.

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