Boots are laced – GW3

The team is set for GW3 with no further changes after the early switch of De Bruyne to Mkhitaryan, despite plenty of deliberating.

With Walker suspended Suttner comes in for his first appearance of the season, and Carroll is preferred to Ward-Prowse in midfield.


The big decision was whether or not to dump Walker and JWP. The latter is more of a problem, and the former could have been used as an enabler to upgrade him to Salah.

Probable replacement for Walker had I done it would have been Britos, but a closer look at the fixtures over the next four game weeks would’ve meant benching him for 2/4 anyway, and while I think Salah could do well against Arsenal and City, I didn’t see that being worth a -8.

I’m not crazy excited about playing Suttner or Carroll this week, but as the old adage goes: if you’re unsure what to do, sometimes it’s best to do nothing.


I’ve had it on Kane since the off, and haven’t once felt inclined to change that. His stats are amazing and he passed the eye test with flying colours against Chelsea. The goals are coming – hopefully this week.

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